Beginner Tips Guide for Jelly Splash

First we would like to give you some beginner tips you need to know before you start playing Jelly Splash.

- When possible try to complete the level with as few moves as possible. So make use of Special Jellies when you can.

- Read the instructions at the beginning of the level. This saves you a lot of lives and time.

- Take a look at the playfield at first. There is no time limit so take your time.

- Invite friends, you'll need them. Read more about this down here.

Advanced Tips Guide for Jelly Splash


Try to make the longest combinations.

hints and tips for Jelly Splash

The longer the combinations are the more points you'll get. And it also increases the chance to receive special Jellies. With the special Jellies it's easier to reach the next level. When there is one color present a lot. First try to get rid of the colors who are not on the board that much. This way you'll nearly only have one color left, and when playing that combination you get a lot of points.

Use multiple Special Jellies in one move.

Jelly Splash special jellies

The highlighted Jellies on the board are the Jellies with special powers. When using one Special Jelly one row will explode. But if you use two Special Jellies in one turn more rows of jelly will explode. So it's important to notice where Special Jellies are ad try to use more than one in one turn.

Each Special Jelly has a white glow behind it. Look carefully and you can see the glow points vertically or horizontally. This is a good way to see which Special Jelly you should use. And when you want to combine multiple Special Jellies this is a good way to see in what directions to play the jellies.


Play Jelly Splash with friends.

Puzzle game app Jelly Splash

It's important to include some friends when playing Jelly Splash. After some time you'll need them to reach new levels. One level you can't reach without friends helping is level 43. Just like Candy Crush it's also possible to receive extra lives and more from friends. So hallelujah to Social Media.


Mushrooms have to die!

jelly splash mushrooms tips

Some level contain some kind of mushrooms who block the Jelly. And because of the mushrooms there are less Jellies on the board. Try to get rid of the mushrooms as quick as possible. Playing with a well-filled board is better and it provides more points.


Deal with the Ghosts

jelly splash ghosts tips

The grey ghosts in Jelly Splash are a real pain in the *ss. Those Ghosts reproduce every move when you're not getting rid of one them. A ghost will disappear when you make a combination of jellies next (left, right, top or bottom) to a grey ghost(s). In many levels it's smart to get rid of the Ghosts, especially when the ghosts are on top of the level. When those ghosts reproduce it's possible it locks the level. When a level is locked the board is not replenished any more.