Toon Blast Tips and Tricks Guide

‘The best Toon Blast Level Tips and Methods’

Toon Blast is the ultimate puzzle game. It’s an innovative game and can be compared with the famous games from the studio KING. Read the Toon Blast tips and tricks guide and learn smart tricks to complete the levels easily.

Help the characters in the game to complete the levels and remove the rainbow colored cubes. Create powerful combos with the boosters in Toon Blast, and help them to survive the different type of levels.

Earn free coins in Toon Blast

toon blast earn free coins

It’s possible to earn free coins in Toon Blast. The free coins you’ll collect are from great value to pass difficult levels in Toon Blast.

You can receive free coins by doing these things:

Help your teammates: By helping you’re teammates in Toon Blast you’ll receive coins.
Connect with Facebook: Make a connection with you Facebook account and you’ll receive coins.
Join a team: When you join a team for the first time, you’ll get some free coins.
Open chests: When you’re opening chests; Star chests and Toon chests.
Daily bonuses: Play Toon Blast on a daily basis and you’ll receive coins.

How to remove the piñatas in Toon Blast?

In some levels you’ll encounter some obstacles. One of those obstacles are Piñatas. Get rid of the pinatas by using rocket and boosters. For example try to combine some boosters in one move. Use the Rocket booster + Disco Ball booster or Rocket booster + Bomb Booster.

Use your booster wisely in Toon Blast

toon blast open chests

It’s best to save your boosters for really difficult moments in the game. You’ll receive boosters for free, but not that often. When you’re out of boosters you’ll have to buy them with Toon Chest. Star Chest can be opened with the stars you receive by completing levels. It’s better not to spend too much money on Toon Blast, so save the boosters you collect for free and use them wisely.

Do not worry about the Toon Blast stars

Depending on how well you play levels (amount of points and time), you can collect up to three stars per level. Stars are not that important in this game. They are valuable because you can use the stars to open Star Chests.

Once you reach level 15, you unlock the star chest. Star boxes or Star Chests need 20 stars for you to open. In fact. The stars you collected in the levels before level 15 are not that valuable anymore.

Team up in Toon Blast


After you’ve finished level 20, you can join a team. It’s nice to have a team! Your teammates will have the same goal; Complete all levels in Toon Blast. Search for an existing team because creating your own team will cost a lot of coins. Having a team has some advantages; you can ask your teammates for lives. Try to help your teammate as well when they need something. You’ll receive free coins when you help your teammates!

Plan your moves in Toon Blast

It’s best to plan your moves in Toon Blast. Try to see where the cubes will go after you’ve made your move. Do not be happy with the little combo you see. Make combinations with 5 or more pieces at once and you’ll receives boosters on the board. After that try to make multiple combinations with 5+ cubes. After a while you’ll have multiple boosters in the playing field. Try to connect them in one move and you’ll be surprised how many cubes and obstacles you will remove from the field.

Boosters you can use when you’re stuck in a level

Hammer: removes a stone

Boxing Glove: Removes a horizontal row

Anvil: Removes a vertical column

Dice: Remix all the pieces in the level