Trivia Crack Tips and Hints Guide

Trivia Crack Tips And Tricks Guide

Read all the tips and tricks in this Trivia Crack Tips And Tricks Guide. We also added some of the questions we receive from our followers! Take your time and get better at Trivia Crack. These tips and tricks will help you to improve your game!

Where are the diamonds or gems for in Trivia Crack?

what are the gems for in Trivia Crack guide

Lately many gamers asked the same question. Where are those diamonds in Trivia Crack for?

The Diamonds or gems in Trivia Crack are used to activate the card machines and collect cards. The diamond or gem-meter increases with each correct answer. Once it’s filled, a gem is earned! Use your gems to purchase cards that you can use for extra lives, coins, free spins or more diamonds based on the card value and your needs.

Gems can be won by answering questions correctly or by in-game cards. If the correctly answered questions are ‘challenge questions’, you’ll recieve 1 gem point. If it’s a simple question you’ll recieve 2 gem points. You’ll recieve a full GEM if you have reached 50 gem points.

What are the hearts for in Trivia Crack? The hearts in Trivia Crack are the amount of lives you’ve in the game. In order to start a game you’ll need those lives. The more you play, the more lives you’ll earn.

Limited Edition Machines & Permanent Machines in Trivia Crack?

It’s very important to have the latest version of Trivia Crack so you’ll not miss any of the special machines. Especially during the holidays there are limited edition machines out a lot!

Get rid of the wrong answers in Trivia Crack

When you receive a question in Trivia Crack most of the time you can cross off one or two answers. Using common sense you’ll know these questions are not right. Although you may not know the answer you’ll be able to take a guess on the two answers which are left.

The Trivia Crack Spinning Wheel

At the beginning of a game you’ll have to spin the spinning wheel. Choose if you want to play the category or not (it will cost some coins when you don’t want to play the category). After that answer the question. When you answer the question correctly you’ll be able to spin the spinning wheel again.

The crown bar in Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack - keep track of the time you have left - tips

When you’re in the answering screen you’ll see a bar with a crown icon in the bottom of the screen. This bar represents the amount of questions you need before you’ll be able to get a crown question of start a challenge. When you’ve already answered two answers correct and the third answer is false, don’t worry. When it’s your turn again the crown bar will still be at two stripes, you’ll only need to answer one more question correctly.

Take the time reading the answers

You’ll have 30 seconds to answer the question in Trivia Crack, so don’t worry about your time. You’ll have a enough to read the answers and get rid of the wrong answers.

Focus on the Trivia Crack characters you’re good at

Trivia Crack - which categories are in the game - tips guide

There are six characters in Trivia Crack all representing one category. First try to focus on the categories which you’re good at. This way you can increase your score and you’ll prevent the opponent stealing the characters.

Categories in Trivia Crack: Geography, Science, History, Sports, Art and Entertainment.

Do you know the opponent?

When you know your opponent try to start with the categories he or she is really bad at. Nothing works better than to annoy your friends by selecting the characters he or she hates.

Play a challenge in Trivia Crack

When playing a challenge in Trivia Crack you first have to select the character you want to bet and select which one you want to steal from your opponent. After that you’ll get six questions. When you answer one question wrong don’t worry. Try to answer as much as you can correctly of the six questions. Your opponent will get the same questions and the one who has the most correct answers will win the challenge.

The Crown in Trivia Crack

If you have the option to play a crown you’ll have two options. You can choose to answer a question and win a character. The other option is to challenge your opponent and try to steal one character from him. When you’re leading and your opponent is way behind you, my advice would be to just answer a question.

When you challenge your opponent in Trivia Crack and you lose you’ll have one character less. This could lead to unnecessary losses at the end of the game.

Available Bonuses/power ups in Trivia Crack

There are some extra moves or power ups in Trivia Crack. Those special moves will cost you coins. Receiving coins in Trivia Crack is possible with in-app purchase, winning matches and completing game achievements.

Trivia Crack - how to power up your moves - tips

– Extra Time: Use the extra time move when you want 15 seconds more time to answer a difficult question.


– Bomb Move: This so called bomb get rids of two wrong answers, this leaves you with two answers. Only use this special move in Trivia Crack when you don’t have any idea which of the four answers could be correct.


– Skip Move: This special move is a very powerful one. When using this power up you’ll be able to skip the question.


– Second Chance Move: Use this special move before you answer the question, when answered incorrect you’ll be able to answer the question one more time.

Read some extra tips below here in the Trivia Crack Tips And Tricks Guide.

Extra Tricks for Trivia Crack

Use Facebook profile picture in Trivia Crack:
Log in with your Facebook account in Trivia Crack and the game will automatically use your Facebook picture.

How to redeem coins in Trivia Crack?
When you start to play Trivia Crack you’ll get a lot of gift coins and you’ll earn more when you start to play. What to do with these coins? Well you can use them to buy special moves or so called power ups. There are also a lot of spam emails going around who will promise you a lot of coins. Don’t fall for those spam mails.

What is the flag next to my rank in Trivia Crack:
The flag with a number in it next to your rank indicates the number of games you’ve played in Trivia Crack. So not only the games you’ve won but also the games you’ve lost.

How to send lives and spins in Trivia Crack:
Go to the main menu in Trivia Crack and click the three lines on the top of the screen. Go to your inbox and select send life. You can also send spins in Trivia Crack.

Tipsandtricksfor hopes you’ve enjoying reading the Trivia Crack Tips And Tricks Guide. We give our best to select the best tips!


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