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What is Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird is an pretty addictive game for Android and iOS devices. This game is published in Vietnam and was first only available for the iPhone 5. This game is free. This 'control your drunken bird' game became really popular in the iTunes store first. China and the United States were the first countries where Flappy Bird became first in the iTunes store.

Flappy Bird is a very basic game and doesn't have the best graphics. The extras and specials in the game are very basic. However this game is addictive and annoying, and you just want to get a higher score than your friends.

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How does Flappy Bird work?

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Flappy Bird is without a doubt one of the most irritating games for iOS and Android devices ever. In this game you'll need to control a bird with some flying issues. Tap your screen and the bird goes up slightly. When you stop tapping the screen the bird will crash within seconds.

The layout of the level is not more than the famous 'Mario Bros Pipes' which vary in heights. Your objective is to fly through the open spaces between those pipes. When hitting a pipe your game over. The bird crashes very easily and the 'tab' controls are pretty difficult to get your hand on.

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