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What is Jelly Splash?

Jelly Splash is a Puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga. The publisher Wooga is going a step further with this lookalike game. There are more options and the game play is friendlier. Jelly Splash is a free to play game but it's possible to buy some in game content items like lives and extra moves. A requirement which not everybody likes is that you are required to login to Facebook. The graphics are much better compared to Candy Crush. And the sound effects are a lot of fun. The game is also langgood playable for every type of player because there is no time limit in the levels.

Jelly Splash is available for Android devices and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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How does Jelly Splash work?

What is Jelly Splash

Connect as many equal Jelly together. There is no limit of how many Jelly you connect to one another. In each level there is a certain amount of points you have to achieve, or a special achievement with limited moves. The more Jelly you combine the more points you'll get. Try to get three stars in every level. Just as in other similar puzzle games there are special jellies which give you special moves. Those jellies are highlighted in the playfield.

how does Jelly Splash work