Candy Crush Saga Candy & Special Candies Guide

Candy Crush Saga Special Candy Hints

It’s important to use the special Candy Crush Saga candies. Read the explanation in this Candy Crush Saga Candy & Special Candies Guide to get to know more about the special Candy Crush Saga candies in the game. There are four special candies that you can make by combining candies.

By making combinations with all sorts of candies it’s possible to get special candies. Buying candies in the game shop is also a possibility. Personally I’m not a big fan of buying coins. I think it’s better to earn them by playing the game.

Read more about Candy Crush Saga Special Candies in the Candy Crush Saga Candy & Special Candies Guide below here.

Candy Crush Saga Special Candy Guide

Use the Striped Candy

candy crush saga tips - combination rewards

If you combine four equal candies you’ll earn a special striped candy. Combine this special candy with other (normal) candies of the same color. For example if you earned a red special treat combine it with two (or more) other red candies.

The result is a line explosion that will remove all the candy on that line. Horizontally or vertically (depending on the direction in which the lines are indicated. When the special candy has vertical stripes the line will explode vertically. The same applies to horizontal, the stripes are horizontal then the explosion is horizontally

Make L or T shapes

candy crush saga tips - wrapped candy booster

With a L-shaped or T-shaped candy combination you’ll earn a special candy the wrapped candy. This candy ensures that ‘when combined with 2 other Candy Crush candies of the same color’ there’s a small explosion around the combination. This can be very useful in the levels that have a lot of jelly or when the candies are hard to reach.

Combine the striped candy with the wrapped candy

combine one wrapped candy with a striped candy and you’ll get a much bigger explosion. The sweets will explode horizontally and vertically (about 5 rows wide).

The six different Candies in Candy Crush Saga

There are a total of 6 different colors candies scattered (blue, green, red, orange, yellow and purple).

candy crush saga tips - the special candies of the game

Also read the two guides about the boosters in the game! Candy Crush Saga Booster Guide PART 1 and Candy Crush Saga Booster Guide PART 2.



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