Candy Crush Saga Symbols Help Guide

What are the symbols for in Candy Crush Saga?

There are many questions about what the symbols mean in Candy Crush Saga. We made this Candy Crush Saga Symbols Help Guide for you. After reading this guide you won’t have any questions anymore about the different symbols in Candy Crush Saga.

There are multiple questions about symbols in Candy Crush. We made a list of all the symbol questions. Read them below here!

What means a heart with a 8 shaped loop in Candy Crush?


8 shaped icon in hearts candy crushThe 8 shaped loop which is displayed in the heart on your screen is not an 8! The symbol means that you’ll have infinite lives for a certain amount of time. The period will be shown in hours and minutes next to the heart.

Most of the times this infinite lives booster is active for 8 hours. So try to play as many games in those hours. This symbol is very good to see when you play the game. You don’t have to wait for new lives to load. Just play the game unlimited and complete the hard levels you could not complete when you did not have the heart booster yet.

What is a heart with a 2h symbol in Candy Crush?


2 hours infinite lives in candy crush sagaWhen you see a heart in your screen with a 2h symbol, it means you’ll have infinite lives for two hours! You’ll see the count down. Play Candy Crush Saga a lot in those two hours because you’ll be able to reload and replay the difficult levels in the game! But keep your eyes on the countdown. When the countdown is finished you’ll have your original amount of lives back.

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