Pokémon GO Tips Guide

Hints, Tips and Strategy for Pokémon Go

Tipsandtricksfor selected the best tips and tricks for Pokémon GO in this Pokémon GO Tips Guide. Get to know the best strategies and hints. Read the article below here and teach yourself how to be a master in Pokémon GO!

Tip 1: Pokémon GO – Buy Accounts – Level Upgrades – Rare Pokémon

Pokemon GO - buy pokemon accounts or rare pokemon

After the first big upgrade of Pokémon GO it’s now possible to buy in-game content in Pokémon GO. There are two options of getting some extra help inside Pokémon GO. Tipsandtricksfor uses MMOGA (Rating Trustpilot: 8.5).

Method 1 is to a buy a upgraded Pokémon GO account (featured: LEVEL 25, Minimum of 10 Rare Pokémon.
Method 2 is to buy (rare) Pokémon and let them tranfers into your account.


– MMOGA is a world famous in-game content seller

– MMOGA: 8,5 rating on Trustpilot

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to use your mobile data

Some people are afraid to use their phone because of the internet the game will use. Don’t be afraid. Pokémon GO is not using that much mobile data as you would think. Tests have shown the internet usage is somewhere around 10 MB per hour.

Tip 3: Send duplicate Pokémon

Pokemon GO - duplicate pokemons - tips guide

If you catch a Pokémon, you have the option to send them to Professor Willow. By doing this, you will receive candy. Save the candy to evolve your Pokémon.

Before sending your duplicate Pokémon first analyze the stats of the Pokémon and compare it with the ones you already have. Which has a higher CP? What attacks do they have?

Tip 4: Where to catch rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

Many gamers say there are many hidden rare Pokémon in areas which are harder to reach. Like; mountains, forests or big parks. So try to go a little further than your own neighborhood and start exploring!

Some testing has been done. It seems that every type of Pokémon is more likely to show up more often at specific places. The test results are: In hot and arid regions mostly these Pokémon are more present: Geodudes, Sandshrews, Evans and mankey. In pastures and large lawns mostly there are: Caterpies, Weedles, Oddish and Spearows. Close to water you will find: Psyducks, Poliwags, Staryu and Magikarps. But officiously the more you play the more better Pokémon you’ll find.

Tip 5: Use the Lure Spots created by other trainers

The Lure Module can be used when you’re a Pokémon Trainer. It’s visible for everyone in the area! Make profit by using those lure spots. The Lure spot can be noticed by the little pink squares in the Pokémon GO map.

Advantages using/visiting Lure Spots:

– Meet other Pokémon GO players! share tips and good spots in the area.
– The lure spot is an easy way to capture some more Pokémon.
– Many Pokémon GO players say they encountered more special/rare Pokémon around a lure spot.
– Save your own items and don’t spend Pokécoins.

Tip 6: How to earn extra XP in Pokémon GO

This is how you’re able to earn extra XP in Pokémon GO.

• +500 XP – Capturing a new Pokémon
• +500 XP – Evolving a Pokémon
• +200 XP – Hatch a Pokémon
• +150 XP – Defeating a Pokémon Trainer at the Gym
• +100 XP – Capturing a Pokémon
• +100 XP – Perform an Excellent Throw
• +100 XP – Battling against a Pokémon Trainer at the Gym
• +50 XP – Beat a Pokémon in training at a Gym
• +50 XP – Checking in at Pokéstop
• +50 XP – Perform Great Throw
• +10 XP – Perform Nice Throw
• +10 XP – Perform Curve Ball

Extra tip: Try to master the Curve ball (before shooting a ball, tab and turn the ball around). This tactic gives you +10 XP with every throw!

Tip: Capture Pickachu as your starting Pokémon

Pokemon GO - the starting pokemons - tips guide

There is a easy way to capture Pikachu as your starting Pokémon. This method has been tested by many players and it works almost every time.

After you’ve created the character in Pokémon GO, you’ll notice that three Pokémon will appear (Most of the times: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle).

Important: Refuse those Pokémon appearing around you! After a few times you’ll notice that Pikachu. appears on the map along with some other Pokémon. (Mostly you’ve to reject the other Pokémon four times).

Tip: How to catch a Pokémon.

Pokemon GO - tips how to catch a good pokemon guide

Move your character in the game by walking around in the real world. The GPS map shows where you’re walking. The map also shows you when there is a Pokémon nearby. If there is actually Pokémon character close to you your phone starts to vibrate or making noise(depends on the settings). This means you have a chance to catch the Pokémon.

This is how it works: Use your bag of items to throw Pokéballs or other items. The Pokéballs, Great Balls or Ultra Balls and Master Balls give you a better chance of catching the Pokémon.

The circle around the Pokémon indicates how difficult it is to catch the character. A green circle is the easiest to catch, followed by yellow, orange and red. The red one is the hardest to catch. Try to get the right items first before catching a difficult character. The smaller the circle the bigger the chance you’ll get the character. Be strategic when throwing the balls.

There are other ways to catch a Pokémon: incubators and eggs. At the beginning of the Pokémon GO you get access to one incubator. Place a Pokémon egg and wait until it comes out!

Tip: Pokémon GO Evolve and CP.

Pokemon GO - the CP level of pokemons - tips guide

Once you’ve caught a couple of Pokémon you want to make them stronger or evolve. All Pokémon characters evolve based on their CP level. the CP level is an important aspect of Pokémon Go.

Tip: Watch what’s happening in your area

Pokemon GO - use the gps smartly - tips guide

Pokémon GO keeps you informed automatically about what’s happening in your environment. It’s a lot of fun to find a Pokémon which is close to you. Do not stare at your phone all the time, Pokémon GO sends a notification when there is a Pokémon close by.

There is only one way to get more CP: Give your captured Pokémon Candy or Stardust. There are a few ways to get these valuable items:

• Dual trade Pokémon with the professor
• Rewards at Pokéstops
• The in-app store

Tip: Catching evolved Pokémon!

In Pokémon GO there are also ‘wild’ Pokémon that already have evolved. It’s possible to catch them, but it’s more difficult. The normal Pokéballs do not have much chance against evolved Pokémon. Try selecting different balls when you encounter a evolved Pokémon. You’ll see the circle surrounding the Pokémon will change color. Try to use the Greatball when encountering strong Pokémon. The more you use the bigger the chance to capture the Pokémon!

Tip: Pokémon GO: Gyms, teams and teamwork

Pokemon GO - tips guide

Gyms are special places that can be captured by one of three teams: red, blue or yellow. When you’ve reached level five, you can choose a team by pressing a Gym. Often Gyms are well know public places, like: town halls or libraries. in Pokémon this are big towers. Press the towers and the battle will start. ‘Free’ Gyms are gray, and can be claimed simply by being the first one.

You can also try to defeat a team who has captured a gym. Send your Pokémon to the gym and try to beat the other team. You’ll start fighting the weakest Pokémon and start working your way up towards the strongest character. The prestige level will get lower and lower. When the prestige level has reached zero the team is defeated. They will leave the gym. It’s yours!

Tip: Pokéstops: how do they work?

Pokemon GO - how to use pokestops - tips guide

Pokéstops are special places mostly containing reward items. Usually these Pokéstops are famous places like; statues, artworks, parks and monuments around you. Press a Pokéstop (the little blue diamond’s) and turn the picture around to receive your reward. The following items can be received as a reward:

• Pokéballs
• Revives
• Potions
• Pokémon eggs
• Pokémon Candy
• Stardust

Check the Rewards & Unlockable Items Guide

Tipsandtricksfor made a guide with the all the unlockable items and level rewards you can get. Check it out!

Tip: Charge your phone before playing Pokémon GO

The game Pokémon GO is known for using a lot of battery. Especially because of the usage of GPS and mobile data. Therefore it’s advisable to charge your phone before playing the game. When you’re a hardcore gamer it’s good to bring your power bank with you as well.

Quick Question: How many Pokémon can I catch?

More Pokémon will come soon. At the moment you’ll be able to catch 151 Pokémon characters.

Quick Question: How to heal a Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

It’s only possible to heal a Pokémon with Potions or Revives.


We hope you enjoyed reading the Pokémon GO Tips Guide.

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