GTA V Online Money Tips Guide

Online Money Tips

GTA V Online had some start up problems but it’s up and running now. There are a lot of smart ways to earn a lot of money very quick in the GTA V Online game mode. Read the GTA V Online Money Tips Guide.  Let us show you the way how to get millions. For example with some smart investments when playing the online game you can easily double or triple your money. Take a look down here and start building your empire in GTA V Online 🙂

#1 Get in the Los Santos car stealing bussiness

GTA 5 - steel cars - tips guide

When you’ve first started playing GTA Online and you’re just getting used to the online world, it’s a must to start stealing cars. This will give you some good pocket money and it’s a great too get familiar with the game. Here’s how it works. Start checking for nice cars and steal them. A note: Normal random cars have a good value, like SUV and Coupes cars. ones you’ve stolen the car look on the map for the nearest customs shop. You’ll be able to sell the cars there for a few thousand. But there is one important condition; keep the car in good shape, don’t drive like a maniac, because a damaged car won’t give you much money.

One thing you should know, you can only sell one car a day (GTA V time). So after selling one car you have to wait for almost one hour.

Extra GTA V car tip:check your phone for messages from a contact named Simeon. sometimes he is looking for a certain car he’s willing to buy from you. This will give you some good money to start spending in Los Santos.

#2 Be careful which car you steal

GTA 5 - header - tips guide

The first thing I would do when I start playing in GTA V Online is to steal the first car I see. Don’t do that! Because the first car you steal will be the car you’re driving when you do not have the money to buy your first ‘legal’ car. So keep this tip in mind and let the first car you steal be a good one.

#3 GTA V Online Group missions

GTA 5 - play groep missions - tips guide

participate in drag races and street races, this will provide a lot of money, and your skills will be improved. It’s a lot of fun and your will get rich and better.

#4 Robbing shops in Los Santos

When you’re further in the GTA V Online mode, my advice is to start robbing shops and other stores. Rockstar made some super options which you can use, like screaming in your microphone to threaten the employee, and don’t walk away to fast from the job because some employees will shoot you in the back. Tip: make them very afraid. And don’t forget to buy a face mask this will help you to prevent you from getting recognized

Another tip for the perfect robbery:Steal a helicopter and use the helicopter as a getaway vehicle. You will simply escape.

look in the other registers:Sometimes when you’re robbing a shop there are more registers, in the other register there will be some money as well. Just walk to it and empty it yourself.

#5 Pocket money

GTA 5 - make money in gtav - tips guide

Do not walk around with a lot of pocket money in Los Santos. Just something to keep in mind. if you get killed you’ll loose a big part of your pocket money. Try to prevent this and deposit the money you’ve earned every now and then.

#6 Buy shares before certain missions

GTA 5 - shares - make money - tips guide

Buy a lot of shares when you know you’re on a mission to help a certain company. Some missions will make the value of a company increase with a high percentage. For example when you have to kill someone who is working against the company. Buy your shares and do the job. Wait for a few days (GTA V time) and check the stock market, and sell your shares for a higher price.


Thanks for reading this tips in the GTA V Online Money Tips Guide.


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