Fishdom: Deep Dive, Booster & Power-up Guide

Fishdom Deep Dive Booster & Power-up Hints

Fishdom Deep Dive Booster Guide, Learn more about the Fishdom Deep Dive boosters and power ups.

Firecracker Booster

The firecracker booster is one of the easiest booster to get in Fishdom Deep Dive. Match four tiles of the same color and you’ll receive the Firecracker Booster. All the tiles next to the booster will explode. A pretty good booster to use and it helps you get rid of the hard parts in the level.

Bomb Booster

Fishdom Deep Dive - the bomb booster - tips guide

Match five tiles of the same color in Fishdom and you’ll receive the bomb booster. This booster is pretty powerful. It will get rid of two rows next to the booster. One extra tip for fishdom deep dive; try to save a few bomb boosters and get them next to each other. Combine them in one move and you’ll have a big explosion. This helps really well to complete difficult levels.

Dynamite Booster

Fishdom Deep Dive - the dynamite booster - tips guide

Match six tiles of the same color and you’ll receive the Dynamite Booster. This booster is amazing and one of the most powerful boosters in the game. It will get rid of three rows next to where the booster is activated. This booster is a really good one to use when you’re in a level with a lot of obstacles.

Warhead Booster

Alphabetty-Saga - using the war - tips guide

Match a stunning seven tiles in the playing field and you’ll receive the Warhead Booster. This booster is sick! It will remove 4 rows next to where the booster has been played.

Lightning Booster/Power-up

The Lightning Booster is a special booster which can be achieved by using the other boosters. After using the other boosters sometimes you’ll get the Lightning Booster. Using the booster will remove all the pieces of one color in the playing field.

Start a Fishdom Deep Dive level with Boosters/Power-ups in the field

In some levels you’ll start with boosters already inputted in the level. This is a nice way to complete the level much faster.

The Lightning power-up

Start the level with a Lightning bolt already on the field. Activating this power-up will get rid of all tiles of one color in the level.

The Bomb power-up

Using this power-up will give you two bomb boosters at the start of the level. A good method to provide some extra space in the level.

The Lightning and Dynamite power-up

Using this power-up gives you two different types of boosters at the start of the level.

The Hammer power-up

Using the hammer power-up is a powerful one. Use it to smash a big part of the level.